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The Campaign Kicks Off

June 26, 2020

I am a mom, a Marketing Manager, and a citizen who wants to make a difference in Indiana. I am running as the Democratic candidate for Indiana State House of Representatives for District 13. I believe that the best way to prepare our communities for future challenges is to have representatives who work together to put the needs of people over political agendas. Our General Assembly works best when there is a balance of differing opinions. A supermajority silences common ground. We must pull from the strength that comes from discussing diverse ideas. Let ALL the voices of our community help shape a better future.

BIO - Loretta Barnes has been a Marketing Services Manager in the heavy-duty transportation industry for the past 13 years and has been on her company’s Dealer Advisory Council for 11 years. She graduated from Purdue University with a BFA in Professional and Creative Writing. Loretta and her husband, Jeff, an Army war vet, have an independent, headstrong 7-year-old daughter and they live in Lafayette, Indiana. Loretta strives every day to show her daughter that you can affect positive change in the world if you work hard and stand up for what you believe in.


Issues Facing Indiana


Investing now to build a better tomorrow.

Supporting Veterans

Providing outreach and strengthening financial stability.

Mental Health

Increasing access to mental health and addiction treatment services.

Criminal Justice Reform

The Stakes are High

Additional Important Issues

- Supporting our Local Unions
- Livable Wages
- Affordable & Accessible Healthcare
- Sensible Gun Laws
- Stopping Voter Suppression

And so much more

News & Updates

Campaign Announcement

June 26, 2020


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